Information on measures against the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • The boarding of passengers from / to Lefkimmi is allowedμόνο only under the following conditions:
    • Travelers who are fully vaccinated or ill show:
      • A. vaccination certificate, if they have completed at least fourteen (14) days before the COVID-19 coronavirus vaccination
      • B. disease certificate issued (30) days after the first positive test and its validity lasts up to one hundred and eighty (180) days after it.
    • Travelers who are not fully vaccinated or ill are subjected to a diagnostic test using forty-eight (48) hours prior to their trip using rapid COVID-19 antigen detection (rapid test) in private diagnostic laboratories or in private clinics or in private. doctor, at their own expense.
      • Minors from four (4) to seventeen (17) years old, can make their travels by performing a self-test that takes place up to twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled travel time.
  • Throughout the journey, passengers are required to wear a mask and maintain the necessary distances (1.5 m) from each other.

At Sarris Lines, our priority is to protect and ensure the health of our passengers and employees. That is why we take all necessary measures against the spread of coronavirus (COVID– 19), both during the issuance of tickets and during the trip.